It takes unique attributes to last this long: a united, close-knit team, wide-ranging experience and a focus on core values.

Company Sales and Acquisitions is one of the oldest business brokerages in Auckland specializing in medium to large private businesses, between $500,000 and $20 million in value.

The Company Sales team

We’re a small but highly-effective team that has been in the business for more than twenty-six years. We’ve all got our individual skills, and we have experience owning and running our own businesses (more often, two or three). But what we offer is more than our individual experience–it’s the way we work as a team. Many other brokerages have their sales staff compete with each for every listing; instead we match up each business with the broker who has the most appropriate skill sets and work together.

Businesses we’ve sold

We’ve sold a large range of businesses, covering all sorts of industries.  Chances are whatever your industry is, at least one member of the Company Sales team has business broking experience in that field. In the consumer services industry, we’ve worked with a large range from taxi companies to travel agencies, in the import/distribution world we’ve worked with everything from safety products to steel pipes. We’ve also had significant experience with publishing and manufacturing companies. See the list of industries in which we have sold businesses. 

Ethics and confidentiality in the business broking world

In this sort of business, both buyers and sellers are trusting us with their livelihoods; businesses they’ve built up over their lifetimes, and often what will become their retirement funds. That’s why standing by core values is important. We believe in working discretely and confidentially. We focus on details of the businesses, and give honest feedback and analysis. This has meant we’ve gained the respect of the wider professional community including accountants, solicitors, valuers and financiers and Auckland’s private company owners over the last two and a half decades.


“You don’t stay in this industry long if you don’t operate ethically and confidentially. In the twenty six years that we’ve been in business, we’ve seen many other brokerages come and go as they didn’t realize what is most important to success.”